Is This the Magic Number For How Often Couple Should Be Having Sex?

Sex is an important part of any relationship, and it serves as the glue that keeps two couples connected physically and emotionally. Since sex is essential, many people wonder how many times they should engage in it with their partner to maintain a healthy relationship. There have been some myths that the more sex you have, the happier you are in the relationship. This is wrong because having endless sex can mean nothing if there is no connection between partners. On the other hand, having less sex with your partner can adversely affect your relationship and cause unhappiness. When most couples are questioned why they are not happy in their relationship, one of the things they point out is their sex life.
This begs the question, is there a magic number as to how often a couple should have sex? Researchers from different universities have found that there is an optimal number as to how frequent couples should have sex. The magic number is once a week. There is no effect on your well being if you have sex more than once a week, but there is no harm in getting frisky under the sheets. However, research shows that having sex once a week keeps one in a good state of mental health, and well being and anything less than that can affect your well being and your relationship. If you are one of those people that have sex more than once a week, there is no need to cut back because you are on the right track. One common mistake that many individuals do is comparing their sex life to others or when the relationship started.
Of course, when the relationship is still new, you cannot get your hands of your partner. The spark is powerful, and all you want to do is to lie in bed all day and have sex. This is normal in all relationships, and it is known as the honeymoon stage. Unfortunately, once the honeymoon dwindles the number of times you have sex also dwindles. If you compare your sex after a few years in the marriage or relationship with the first time you got together, you are setting yourself for failure. As long as you are having sex once a week, your relationship is okay and healthy. Couples who have sex more than once a week are not better off than you who have sex once a week. Provided you get satisfied with your partner; there is no cause for alarm.
Some researchers also strongly attest that there is no magic number as to how often a couple should have sex. This is because all relationships are different and thus it is impossible to provide one magic number that works for all the relationships. People are also different in relationships which also affect how often they have sex. Some people may be satisfied with having sex once a week while others may want it every day or once in two weeks. It all depends on your partner and how often they want to get satisfied. Generally, people with high libido engage in sexual activities all the time while people with relatively low libidos have sex less. Understand your partner and what they need to know how often and when you two should be having sex.
Ultimately, couples who have sex once a week have healthy and happy relationships. The hormones released from having sex with their partner once a week reduces their stress levels and improves their well being. It also connects them as partners each week such that they always look forward to the next week of having sex. Find what works best for you and your partner. You may resort to having sex every day but in the real sense you are not reaching your satisfaction levels, and this is no different than not having sex at all. Once you have found your magic number, you can live a happy sex life.

The most Elegant Escorts In Vegas

If you are heading to Las Vegas to get a memorable escort experience you will need to do your research in order to secure an excellent experience. There are many independent escorts operating in Las Vegas and you can find them online as backpage escorts or through independent escort listings. Backpage escorts are not likely to be among the most elegant escorts in Las Vegas, however, and most people looking for an elite experience with high quality escorts will turn to an Vegas Escort Agency in order to increase the chance for an incredible time.

One of the keys to getting an elite escort experience is to come with a plan and don’t rush the process. Finding the Right Escort requires a lot of research and effort and isn’t easy to wing (though you can get lucky). Spend the time to read reviews and complaints, scam the website of the Las Vegas escort agencies that you are considering, and understand the rates that you will be charged.

Why an Vegas Escort Agency is Likely the Best Place for a High Class Escort Experience

Vegas Escort Agencies need to operate with strict requirements over what is allowed and not allowed in order to remain legal affairs. This leads to a cleaner and safer environment which can lower your risks for contracting a disease or for getting in legal trouble. Agencies will screen the escorts who are working for them and help to ensure the quality that they have as a result. This screening is done to reduce your risk and safety but also to help to improve on the type of escort experience that you have. Remember that happy customers make loyal ones and are more likely to say good things about you to keep your business popular. Escort agencies know this and will try to make sure you have a good time by choosing escorts who help to keep you well satisfied and spending.

All Las Vegas Escort Agencies are Not the Same

There is a big difference between the different escort agencies out there in terms of quality. It is essential to a good experience to have a good Escort Agency vetted which has the quality and types of escorts you are looking for in order to have a great and elite experience. Read reviews of the experiences had by different patrons and try to locate an agency that has primarily positive reviews.

Understand your tastes. If you are looking for Asian escorts in Las Vegas, find an agency that specialize in Asians. Not all Escort Agencies will have Asian escorts in Las Vegas, or May only have one and not a varied option. Choose one that caters to the preferences that you have so that your escort experience is right for your desires and preferences.

Our Recommendation for a Great Escort Agency

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Finding an elite experience with an escort can be difficult but it is made easier with the right Escort Agency. Do your research and diligence and spend time to learn about what the typical escort experience is like. Don’t expect too much and keep in mind the experience you are hoping to have. By setting the right expectation and doing research you can develop the right frame of mind for your escort visit and have an elite time in the process.

Top 5 Countries with the mose Elegant Babes

Elegant women are everywhere, but there are some places that tend to have more than others. If you are someone that is looking for elegant babes, you should consider these top five countries.

1. United States

The United States is a country that has a melting pot of women. You may be considering going to some other country because you’re looking for something out of the ordinary. What most men do not realize is that there are so many women out of the ordinary in America. It is the land of opportunity. This is where people come when they are looking for opportunities to be famous. People that want to earn high paying jobs are going to have a great amount of interest in coming to America. It is the land of the free and the home of the brave. It is also the land of some of the most elegant women in the world.

2. China

All of these exotic women that are gracing American soil are also women that come from different countries like China. If you are unsure the number of elegant beauties that are out there all you have to do is pay a little attention to the beauties in China. There are quite a few women from different cultures that have become ingrained in American soil, Chinese women tend to bring their elegant meditation culture with them. Men are drawn to these petite women, their soothing massages and their beautiful skin. They are exotic with long straight hair. These women have petite figures and they have a lot of features that you cannot find anywhere else.

3. Brazil

For a lifetime Brazil has been known as the part of Latin America that represents so many elegant beauties in abundance. The land is filled with a lot of exotic women that speak a different language. They are sexy and majestic. They are making men take a second look when they are seen on these different websites. So many of these women are looking like women that are right off the cover of a magazine. A lot of this is because they are so shapely. Their figures are phenomenal, and these fit bodies make them appealing to everyone that has the luxury of taking a trip to Brazil.

4. Canada

You may not realize it, but there are a ton of elegant beauties in Canada. On Canadian soil there are so many women there that are single. There are a ton of high-class women there. What most people know Canada for is hockey. What many people do not realize is that Canada is also going to give you a lot of access to women that are distinguished. Men that can brave the weather in Canada can get access to some of the most beautiful women in Toronto and Vancouver. There are also a lot of women in the smaller areas, but it is the second largest country in the world so there is a lot to consider.

5. Italy

The language of Italy can put you in a sensual trance. The food is to die for. The women are bound to leave men drooling. This is Italy. It is a country as much for romance and fine food as it is for well know for breath-taking women. The ladies that are in this part of Europe are often from bordering countries like France. They are exotic, and the ones that make it to America are often praised for these exotic looks. These women stand out as ladies that are refined. They are known for good wine and good food. They are used to the best of everything because they often grow up near vineyards. They are close to farmers that have organic foods. This all brings about a refined sense of taste for food. These women are beautiful and many men long to be in their presence.

Sex Q&A: Does size really matter?

The masculinity of a man lies in his equipment and how to use it. Men also get insecure about their penis like women get insecure about their body size. Most men seek reassurance from their partners if their penis size is ok and amazing. This reassurance helps boost their confidence in the bedroom and how they approach their fellow men. Men who have been told their penis is small are not as confident when it comes to sex and shy away from sexual encounters with women. Therefore, size does matter to men but not in the context of satisfaction. It matters to men because it is their source of masculinity. If your man has a small penis but you constantly reassure them the sex is good and you are satisfied, their ego is boosted and they are no longer insecure about their size.
On the other hand, for women, it is hard to say whether size matters. In a survey that was conducted, most women in relationships were content with the penis size they had in their relationships. However, for some of the younger women between 18 and 30, the size of the penis mattered. While most women like the idea of a big thick penis, once they have it, they cannot stand it. Women who had the privilege to hook up with men with big penises only did it once or twice and would not do it again. This is because a big penis comes with adverse effects. While the thought of it may be sexy, a big penis calls for a lot of lube and a lot of perseverance. Having sex with a big thick penis is painful for many women if not all. The day after sex is usually the worst because of all the sores that you have.
A girl once dated a guy with a big penis for only three months and during the time she avoided sex as much as possible. She preferred oral sex as opposed to vagina intercourse. When asked if she would go back to the same guy she strongly said no simply because intercourse was a nightmare. This shows that size also matters to women because as much as they want a big penis, they also want to be comfortable when it comes to sex. For other women, the size does not matter as long as there is satisfaction. Women feel like the penis size does not play any role in sexual satisfaction; it is just how you use it to your satisfaction. While this may work for some women, others cannot and will never date a guy with a small penis. The penis has to be at least an average size but not too big as well. A small penis is just a turn off for many women.
Unfortunately, there is no way of telling the size of a man’s penis when you meet them for the first time. You will have to wait till you are in the bedroom and pray you get lucky with the penis size. Most men with small penis often overcompensate on other aspects of their masculinity. For instance, they tend to brag a lot about their possessions or dress expensively. This way, they do not feel as insecure when it comes to the bedroom. If you happen to fall in love with a guy that has a small penis it does not mean you walk out of the relationship. See it as a shortcoming because you also have your shortcomings that your man is putting up with. Instead, focus on all the other areas that your man is extra good at. The problem only arises if he has a small penis and you are not satisfied in the bedroom, but if the penis is small and you are satisfied sexually, it really should not matter.
Ultimately, a lot of controversy surrounds penis size and sexual satisfaction. One thing you should do is always reassure your man that he is enough regardless of the penis size.