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Is This the Magic Number For How Often Couple Should Be Having Sex?

Sex is an important part of any relationship, and it serves as the glue that keeps two couples connected physically and emotionally. Since sex is essential, many people wonder how many times they should engage in it with their partner to maintain a healthy relationship. There have been some myths that the more sex you have, the happier you are in the relationship. This is wrong because having endless sex can mean nothing if there is no connection between partners. On the other hand, having less sex with your partner can adversely affect your relationship and cause unhappiness. When most couples are questioned why they are not happy in their relationship, one of the things they point out is their sex life.
This begs the question, is there a magic number as to how often a couple should have sex? Researchers from different universities have found that there is an optimal number as to how frequent couples should have sex. The magic number is once a week. There is no effect on your well being if you have sex more than once a week, but there is no harm in getting frisky under the sheets. However, research shows that having sex once a week keeps one in a good state of mental health, and well being and anything less than that can affect your well being and your relationship. If you are one of those people that have sex more than once a week, there is no need to cut back because you are on the right track. One common mistake that many individuals do is comparing their sex life to others or when the relationship started.
Of course, when the relationship is still new, you cannot get your hands of your partner. The spark is powerful, and all you want to do is to lie in bed all day and have sex. This is normal in all relationships, and it is known as the honeymoon stage. Unfortunately, once the honeymoon dwindles the number of times you have sex also dwindles. If you compare your sex after a few years in the marriage or relationship with the first time you got together, you are setting yourself for failure. As long as you are having sex once a week, your relationship is okay and healthy. Couples who have sex more than once a week are not better off than you who have sex once a week. Provided you get satisfied with your partner; there is no cause for alarm.
Some researchers also strongly attest that there is no magic number as to how often a couple should have sex. This is because all relationships are different and thus it is impossible to provide one magic number that works for all the relationships. People are also different in relationships which also affect how often they have sex. Some people may be satisfied with having sex once a week while others may want it every day or once in two weeks. It all depends on your partner and how often they want to get satisfied. Generally, people with high libido engage in sexual activities all the time while people with relatively low libidos have sex less. Understand your partner and what they need to know how often and when you two should be having sex.
Ultimately, couples who have sex once a week have healthy and happy relationships. The hormones released from having sex with their partner once a week reduces their stress levels and improves their well being. It also connects them as partners each week such that they always look forward to the next week of having sex. Find what works best for you and your partner. You may resort to having sex every day but in the real sense you are not reaching your satisfaction levels, and this is no different than not having sex at all. Once you have found your magic number, you can live a happy sex life.